A man who killed and butchered his business partners and buried their body parts in a field where they were dug up and eaten by stray dogs has been jailed for 50 years in Turkey.

Photo shows Asieh Shariatpour, undated. Iranian Asieh Shariatpour’s body was found in Sakarya, Turkey on July 1, 2021. (Newsflash)

The gruesome killings only emerged when a stray dog was found walking down a street with a severed arm in its mouth, the court in Sakarya heard.

Prosecutors told how Abbasali Mohebbi hacked the bodies of estate agent Mohammad Hossein Zamani Alavijeh, 39, and his 40-year-old wife Asieh Shariatpour, into pieces.

Then he stuffed the parts, minus their heads, into bin bags and suitcases and buried them in Sapranca, Sakayra Province, in May 2021.

They had been decomposing for two months when a dog dug them up and sparked a huge police investigation into the killings.

Alavijeh was eventually identified by a tattoo and his wife’s identity was only established when police traced her through the serial numbers in her breast implants.

Photo shows Mohammad Hossein Zamani Alavijeh, undated. Iranian Mohammad Hossein Zamani Alavijeh’s body was found in Sakarya, Turkey on July 1, 2021. (Newsflash)

Accused Mohebbi had denied any involvement in the brutal killings of the Iranian-born couple.

But judges at Sakarya 6th High Criminal Court found him guilty and sentenced him to 50 years behind bars, 25 years for each murder.

Earlier Mohebbi had admitted he had fought with the couple when they found he had been stealing money from a joint business account.

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