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This is the moment when the police raided a drug lord’s hideout and swiftly apprehended Nenad Petrak, the leader of an international drug cartel, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya confirmed the arrest, emphasising the significance of this operation in the ongoing battle against global drug trafficking.

Petrak, wanted by Croatian authorities for “premeditated murder” and subject to an Interpol red warrant, was discovered in Istanbul’s Uskudar district.

Photo shows moments from Operation KARTEL-2 in Istanbul, Turkey, undated. Croatian citizen Nenad Petrak, the leader of the international drug cartel, was arrested during the operation. (@AliYerlikaya/Clipzilla)

The successful operation, named KARTEL-2, unfolded with the collaborative efforts of the Istanbul Anti-Narcotics Department, Intelligence Office, and Border Office, all coordinated by the General Directorate of Security.

Minister Yerlikaya commended the police officers for their swift and effective action in apprehending the international drug smuggler.

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