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Story by Ajda Ender

Written by Ajda Ender

Beauty tourism shapes the lives of people all over the world.

Beauty and aesthetic pressures shape the lives of many people in all societies around the world.

The definition of beauty is not aesthetic.

Beauty is possible by acting with kindness, speaking politely, being clean, and smelling nice.

Beauty is being at peace with oneself and being kind.

If people don’t talk politely and respectfully, if they don’t respect people, they can’t be beautiful even if they have plastic surgery.

Beauty is possible by being a good person.

Aesthetic tourism has emerged in the world.

People go to other countries to have plastic surgery.

Getting plastic surgery can be a quest for happiness.

People who are at peace with themselves and their bodies do not have plastic surgeries constantly.

People who constantly undergo plastic surgery hide their unhappiness and lack of self-confidence behind plastic surgery.

It is natural for people to undergo plastic surgery for health reasons.

It is natural for people to undergo plastic surgery to make changes in themselves.

If people constantly undergo plastic surgery, psychological and sociological reasons may cause them to undergo plastic surgery.

People not being at peace with their own bodies and social aesthetic pressures cause people to constantly undergo plastic surgery.

There are people who have had facial and body plastic surgery many times.

There are people who have had dental aesthetics many times.

People who have undergone plastic surgery have many plastic surgeries due to lack of self confidence and beauty concerns.

Aesthetic surgeries are good when people want to make changes and innovations in themselves.

Plastic surgeries performed for change and innovation are good for people’s psychology.

Beauty tourism all over the world changes people’s appearance through aesthetics.

There are people who are ashamed of their age and cannot tell their age.

There are people who have plastic surgery to look younger than their age.

Every age of a person is beautiful.

If people are at peace with themselves, self confident and live healthy, they can look good at any age.

Beauty is possible by being polite, speaking politely, being clean, smelling nice, behaving respectfully and being a good person.

Aesthetics is living healthy.

Beauty is living with kindness, self-confidence, respect and health.