A woman who went to hospital with an agonising pain in her foot was horrified when surgeons pulled a 37-centimetre-long wire from her thigh.

Photo shows a metal wire sticking out of the leg of a woman in Mugla, Turkey, undated. The 37 centimeters long wire was removed from the woman’s leg. (Newsflash)

Nazika Kandemir, 58, from Mentese, Mugla province, Turkey, says she first felt pain in her heel as she sat home at home.

But as Nazika scratched at the painful spot she said she was astonished when the tip of the wire began to emerge.

Nazika, reports local media, went to the Mugla Training and Research Hospital where medics painstakingly pulled it out.

X-rays discovered five more wires in her foot.

Nazika told local media: “Before this incident happened, I was feeling itching and sometimes pain in my foot.

“Suddenly, this wire came out. We went to the hospital, and I was told that there were other wires.

“I do not want to blame anyone. But I want to find out where this wire came from, and if there is any negligence, I want it to be revealed.”

Photo shows a metal wire which was stuck in the leg of a woman in Mugla, Turkey, undated. The 37 centimeters long wire was removed from the woman’s leg. (Newsflash)

However, there is no conventional medical procedure that would involve inserting a wire into muscle mass although there are many reported cases of similar examples of so-called Factitious Disorder.

In a report in the Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, a similar incident of a young woman with metal wires appearing in her body was studied and it was found that the incidence only occurred when she was at home, with new was appearing, but never while she was under hospital treatment.

They speculated that the wires were either inserted by the young woman herself, aged 16, or by a close friend or family member and the paper urges the need to understand the motivation behind such behaviour.

It added that the difficulty was that family members would accuse medics or supernatural reasons for the insertion of wire or occasionally needles and said that the case of a young girl in India was not an isolated one.

In the latest incident, Nazika is said to be suing three different hospitals to establish where the wires came from.

Her case is ongoing.

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