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This is the moment UAE-based Indian businessman Dilip Popley hosts his daughter’s wedding in the sky just like he did 28 years ago for his own wedding.

Dilip Popley, a business tycoon with jewellery and diamond outlets in the UAE and India, who calls Dubai home, replicated his own wedding for his daughter, Vidhi Popley, and her groom, Hridesh Sainani.

The celebration took place aboard a private Jetex Boeing 747 aircraft soaring through the expansive skies of Dubai, covering a three-hour flight from Dubai to Oman on 24th November.

In the footage, the guests, comprising the couple’s immediate family, close friends, and media representatives, can be seen dancing and celebrating inside the aircraft.

The invited guests, reportedly numbering 350, were called to witness the wedding vows in the air.

Photo shows Dilip Popley’s Daughter and her husband, undated. Their wedding was on a private jet in Dubai, UAE. (CEN)

Sainani, delighted to marry his childhood friend, expressed gratitude to both families for organizing such a grand and stylish wedding for them in the air.

Vidhi, overwhelmed by the unexpected experience, expressed her gratitude to her parents and noted that her father recreated his own wedding moment for them.

Mr Popey, the business tycoon added: “I had the same wedding in the sky 28 years back. At that time, we thought we would have done something in space by now. So right now, we are doing a sequel featuring my daughter.”

The Jetex aviation company reportedly had to make some modifications to the aircraft used for the wedding.

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